Rules & Regulations

The rules and regulations of the Springtree Homeowners Association have been established to assure a safe, harmonious environment for the homeowners and tenants of the Springtree Community. These rules and regulations have been formulated by the Association and may be altered from time to time. They are designed to provide directions about matters of common concern. Compliance with the standards of the complex is critical to insure a quality living environment for all residents.
  1. Each homeowner and tenant is subject to all of the Association documents and Rules and Regulations.
  2. Non-resident owners are responsible for the conduct of their tenants and their guests.
  3. Non-resident owners are responsible for providing their tenants with adequate knowledge of the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Association.
  4. As determined by the Board of Directors, fines will be assessed for noncompliance by owners and tenants with these Rules and Regulations and the Declaration and Bylaws. The fines will increase in amount on subsequent fines.
  5. All tenants of an owner are subject to eviction for failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations of the Association.
  6. Each owner or tenant is responsible for obtaining a copy of the Rules and Regulations from the management company.


  1. There are two pools on the property. Each resident is required to have a pool key for access to the pool gates and the bathrooms. A pool key is available from the management office for a nominal fee.
  2. One reserved parking space is provided for each unit. Visitor parking is provided as available. Residents must alert their guests to park only in non-reserved spaces or have their vehicles subject to towing at the owner's expense. Parking in fire lanes is not permitted. No vehicle may occupy or obstruct more than one parking space. A towing company authorized by the HOA will tow illegally parked vehicles at the owner's expense. No warning notices are required. Contact the management company for your parking space number.
  3. Each owner is provided with a mailbox at the clubhouse. Additional keys can be obtained through the Association for a nominal fee.


EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2012, all homeowners who lease their units are required to abide by the occupancy standards adopted by the Board of Directors. These standards are within Federal and State Fair Housing Guidelines and apply to all Springtree units in which tenants reside.
  1. No more than one family may occupy a rental unit with a maximum of two persons per bedroom.
  2. A fine will be assessed against a homeowner who fails to comply with these occupancy standards. Subsequent fines may be assessed until such time as the owner is in compliance.
  3. The Management Co. for Springtree Crossing requires a copy of a lease agreement between owner and tenant. Lease must contain names of all occupants, ages, and driver license numbers.
  4. Back Ground Checks: All owners subject to this section of the Rules and Regulations will conduct a background check on all occupants of their unit, 18 years of age and older. Owners will be asked to provide the association with a copy of the background report for any individual or if the individual cannot be identified for all occupants of a unit involved in the violation of the rules and regulations. If the background report is not provided within 7 days of request, the association may conduct its own background check and assess the owner for its cost. In addition to standard fines that are levied for the violation of the rules and regulations by tenants, owners will be asked to evict any occupant with a criminal history that is involved in a major infraction of the Rules and Regulations or in any way threatens the personal safety or property of another resident.
  5. Lease Agreement and Identification: All owners subject to this section of the Rules and Regulations will use a TAA (Texas Apartment Association) lease.
    • A copy of the signed lease must be provided to the Association (via the management company) within 30 days of occupancy.
    • The lease will identify the name and age of each individual with the right to occupy the unit.
    • A copy of the Rules and Regulations must be attached to, and made a part of, all lease contracts. The owner or his agent will review all items in the Rules and Regulations with each adult and teenage occupant of the unit. Each adult and teenage occupant will sign the last page of the Rules and Regulations to verify that they understand and will obey the Rules and Regulations as a condition to living at Springtree Crossing. A copy of this signature page will be provided to the Association within 30 days of occupancy


  1. Assigned parking is only for residents. Visitors must park in non-reserved spaces, or on the public street.
  2. Parking in fire lanes is not permitted. No vehicle may occupy or obstruct more than one parking space. A towing company authorized by the HOA will tow illegally parked vehicles at the owner's expense. No warning notices are required.
  3. Contact the Management Co. for your parking space number.
  4. All vehicles parked on Springtree property must be currently licensed, operable and inspected. Vehicles not in compliance will be tagged and a 5-day warning issued to the owner. Failure to comply will result in the vehicle being towed after the warning period at the owner's expense.
  5. Vehicles that are licensed, operable and inspected may not be stored or parked in a non-reserved space for more than five consecutive days, or they will be subject to towing and the owner to fines.
  6. Washing of cars, repair of cars, changing of fluids, or other vehicular maintenance activities that detract from the appearance of the property are prohibited at all times.
  7. No boats, trailers, large trucks, or recreational vehicles may be parked on the property. If a resident has a temporary parking need, not to exceed five days, he/she should call the management office to apply for temporary parking. Large trucks are not permitted at any time.
  8. The maximum speed limit on the property is 10 mph.
  9. Under no circumstances shall any vehicle be driven or parked in common areas except those areas specifically designated as streets and parking areas. (This means no parking on the lawn or sidewalk, even for purposes of moving furniture.)


  1. A pool key is required to gain access to the swimming pools and bathroom facilities. To obtain a pool key, contact the management office.
  2. No running or boisterous play is permitted in the pool areas. Radios, CD players, etc. should be kept at a low volume to avoid disturbing residents.
  3. No glass containers or alcohol of any kind are permitted in the pool areas.
  4. No pets are allowed in the pools or pool areas. This is a public ordinance.
  5. All persons using the swimming pools must be suitably dressed in swimsuits. Persons having open wounds or communicable diseases are not permitted to use the pools. Tee shirts and cut-offs are not permitted. Swimsuits must be worn at waist level. Shorts, baggy pants with visible undergarments are not allowed.
  6. Any person who is not a competent swimmer, regardless of age, in the pools or pool areas must be accompanied by a competent swimmer of sufficient size and strength to assist in the case of an accident or emergency at all times. Violations of this rule should be reported immediately to the management office and the courtesy patrol officer. The Association does not employ lifeguards and any use of the pool area or pool is at the sole risk and responsibility of the individuals using these facilities and/or their legal guardians.
  7. The life preservers and safety hooks must not be removed from their hangers except for emergency use.
  8. Pool hours are from 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
  9. The spa at the large pool must be turned off when the user departs the pool area.
  10. Only two guests per residence are permitted in the pool areas unless prior approval has been obtained from the Association Board of Directors. The host resident MUST accompany all guests.
  11. Residents and their guests are responsible for removing all supplies and litter they bring to the pool areas. The pool gates are to remain closed and locked.
  12. Homeowners and tenants will be held financially liable for damage or vandalism to items in the pool area including, but not limited to, pool furniture, Pool equipment, pool tiles, pool accessories, etc.


  1. A Courtesy Patrol Service is contracted by the Association. The telephone number for the courtesy patrol officer is posted throughout the property. This patrol service does not replace the police. In the event of an emergency, call 911 and then call the courtesy patrol officer. The Association further recommends that you notify the management company of any incidents regarding security.
  2. Solicitors are not permitted on the property. Do not hesitate to call the courtesy patrol officer or the police if a solicitor knocks on your door or is on the property.
  3. Keep in mind that effective security requires the cooperation and attention of all residents. Know your neighbors; know their cars; be familiar with your immediate area. Do not leave cars, windows, or exterior doors unlocked. While on vacation or out of the area, have your newspaper delivery stopped and have a neighbor check on your property routinely.
  4. Keep your exterior porch and/or patio lights burning at night. The electrical cost is minimal compared to the safety enhancement these light provide. Maintenance of porch and patio lights is the resident's responsibility.
  5. The exterior common lights are checked by the courtesy patrol officer or the management company and replaced on a weekly basis by the management company. Report non-functioning lights to the courtesy patrol officer or call the management company. Include the location of the light.
  6. All residents are encouraged to keep their doors and windows locked. Do not leave valuables in your car. Do not leave purses, wallets, or keys in common areas such as the swimming pool.
  7. Any individual on this property may be asked to provide identification at any time by the courtesy patrol. Failure to provide identification when asked by clearly identified courtesy patrol personnel is a rules violation.


  1. Each owner is advised to equip his/her unit with a fire extinguisher.
  2. Homeowners are advised to equip their units with smoke alarms; this is a mandatory requirement for units occupied by tenants.
  3. Christmas trees and seasonal decorations are permitted in individual units provided they are U.L. approved and flame retardant.
  4. It is recommended that kitchen vent-a-hoods and fireplace shafts be cleaned periodically to avoid possible fire hazards.
  5. SYNTHETIC FIRE LOGS MAY NOT BE USED IN THE FIREPLACES. These logs burn too hot for the fireplace installations, thereby presenting a fire hazard.
  6. In case of fire, residents are to dial 911 immediately, and then notify other residents.
  7. The dallas city fire code prohibits use of any outdoor cooking gas or charcoal or open fire grills within ten (10) feet of any structure or overhang. the fine is very high. barbecue grills or similar equipment may not be left unattended while in use.
  8. A george foreman type electric grill is the only grill allowed.


  1. Each owner and tenant is responsible for the conduct of his guests. All guests must abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Association.
  2. No obnoxious or offensive activity shall be carried on that will offend other residents. This includes but is not limited to loud noises, vulgarity, and anything else that may become an unreasonable annoyance or a nuisance to any other resident.
  3. No resident shall make or permit any disturbing noises, including TV, radio, CD players, or other devices which interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other residents.
  4. Any resident who is planning a sizeable social event to be held in his condominium unit should alert his neighbors to the event, and inform his guests of the parking rules and conduct of the Association.
  5. A heavy traffic pattern of visitors into any unit will not be tolerated. Such individuals will not be considered as guests and will be stopped for questioning and identification. Suspicious individuals may be held for a warrant search by the Dallas Police.


  1. Owners and their tenants must take care not to damage any common areas of the community when moving in or out of the property. Any damage to the common areas caused by an owner, tenant, their agents, or visitors will be repaired at the expense of the homeowner.
  2. Materials to be discarded when moving, such as large, unfolded boxes, mattresses, old furniture and appliances may not be discarded in or around the dumpsters. If observed, fines will be assessed.
  3. In consideration for your neighbors, moving into or out of any unit must be accomplished between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M.
  4. Any damages to the common areas caused by an owner, lessee, their agents (e.g. moving company), or visitors will be repaired by the Association at the expense of the owner.
  5. Moving vehicles may not be parked anywhere other than in the parking lot.


  1. Six dumpsters are provided in the parking lots. If a dumpster is full, take trash to another dumpster on the property. Trash dumpsters are located in the parking area. All garbage, trash, and other waste must be placed inside these dumpsters. No large items such as furniture or appliances may be placed outside the dumpster area. Carpet or other bulky construction material may not be placed inside or outside the dumpster. All trash should be bagged and tied before putting it in the dumpster.
  2. Crush or fold boxes and compact trash to help provide space in the dumpsters.
  3. Close the dumpster doors after discarding your trash.
  4. Do not permit small children to carry out the trash if they cannot reach or open and close the doors to the dumpsters.
  5. Trash may not be left outside the front door of a unit.
  6. The trash cans in the pool areas and by the mailboxes are not to be used to discard trash from inside units. Usage is limited only to unwanted mail or litter from the common areas.


  1. Effective October 1, 1995, no resident may have a pet which exceeds 30 lbs. Full grown, adult weight. Only those pets in residents' possession prior to October 1, 1995, which exceed the weight limit are permitted. Any resident moving onto the property after October 1, 1995 must abide by this rule.
  2. Pet owners are responsible for all damages to the common areas caused by their pets.
  3. All pets must be on a leash and must be accompanied by an owner when outside the residence. Repeat offenders will be fined by the Association and reported to the City of Dallas Animal Control Division.
  4. Dogs, cats, fish, birds, and other household pets may be kept with a limit of no more than two pets per unit or two aquariums for fish, provided each animal is properly registered and vaccinated per local laws. Records of such must be provided to the association should a problem occur.
  5. The City of Dallas requires pet owners to register cats and dogs each year. Proof of annual rabies vaccination is required. Failing to register a pet is a class C misdemeanor.
  6. All dangerous, aggressive, or untamed animals, regardless of size or weight, shall be prohibited. (Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are considered aggressive animals.) Any animal which bites, attempts to bite, or threatens a resident or another resident's pet with harm will not be allowed on the property.
  7. All animals must be kept within an enclosure or on a leash at all times. Any animal not under the control of its owner may be removed to an animal shelter.
  8. If an owner cannot control the barking of a dog, or the annoying habits of any pet, or the pet interferes with the rights, comfort, or convenience of other owners, the pet's owner must make arrangements to permanently remove pet from the premises within three (3) days of the date such notice is given by the Board of Directors.
  9. All pet excrement must be promptly picked up and deposited in a suitable receptacle by the pet's owner. Failure to do so may result in notification to permanently remove the pet from the premises within three (3) days to the date such notice is given by the Board of Directors.
  10. There shall be no feeding of pets or stray animals in the common areas.
  11. Any unit owner and pet owner shall be absolutely liable to each and all other owners and residents, their families, and guests for damage or injury sustained by any animal brought or kept upon the property.


  1. The public paved areas of the community shall not be obstructed or used for any purpose other than the ingress and egress of a resident's unit and the parking of cars in compliance with the aforestated rules.
  2. Fire lanes shall not be obstructed at any time.
  3. Walkways shall not be obstructed at any time. No articles, trash or other objects shall be placed in the walkways. No bicycles, scooters, shopping carts, or similar vehicles shall be allowed in common areas.
  4. No littering or loitering is permitted.


  1. The documents of the Association stipulate the respective responsibilities of the homeowner and the Association with regard to property maintenance. Each homeowner and tenant should be familiar with these stipulations when requesting service or repairs. Work orders must be called into the association manager or submitted by way of the Association website.
  2. Each owner and tenant should know where the water cut-off is to his building, and immediately turn the water off if there is a leak which cannot be controlled by an interior cut-off. If the leak is within the common walls, management is to be contacted immediately. All other interior water leaks are the responsibility of the homeowner.
  3. Each owner is responsible for ensuring that no element in his control does harm or damage to fences, roofs, foundations, etc. Patios must be maintained according to public health standards and may not be used as supplemental storage areas. Any damage caused to common areas by elements in control of a homeowner will be the responsibility of the homeowner.
  4. Maintenance of windows and screens is the responsibility of the homeowner.
  5. The owner shall maintain and keep in repair the interior of his own unit, including the fixtures and equipment installed within the unit. (The By-Laws define the specific maintenance responsibilities of the owner versus the association.)
  6. The owner is responsible and liable for any and all damage caused by such owners, owner's family, owner's guests, owner's tenants or tenant's guests to the Common Elements.
  7. The owner is responsible and liable for any and all damages cause by failure to maintain his unit, including the fixtures and equipment installed within the unit, to adjoining units or to the Common Elements. (Ruptured water heaters are a primary cause of damage. Damages from the failure of any original water heaters, or from replacement water heaters that are older than their estimated life, is considered negligence on the part of the owner.) An owner may be subject to a fine equal to reasonable costs for repairing damages to adjoining units caused by the failure to adequately maintain his unit.
  8. The association has the right of entry to any unit at any time for making emergency repairs therein that are necessary to prevent damage to other units or the common elements.
  9. Owner or tenant should keep heat on and water dripping during sub-freezing weather. The owner is liable for repairs of frozen pipes if this is not done.


  1. No item maybe hung, shaken, swept, or thrown from residences.
  2. No fences, partitions or patio/balcony covers shall be placed on or affixed to any unit without prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  3. No antenna or dish antenna of any kind shall be attached to the exterior of a building structure. Dish may be attached to the interior side of the patio fence or attached to a metal pole.
  4. No awnings, window guards, ventilators, or window air conditioning devices shall be installed or used in or about the buildings.
  5. No hot tubs may be installed.
  6. All draperies, curtains, or other window coverings must be a white or off-white color.
  7. In cold weather, outside faucets should be covered with insulated material.
  8. Balconies and patios are not to be used for storage. Each patio and balcony must be kept free of debris and storage items. Residents with wrought iron fences must keep their patio areas in good order since they are visible from the common areas.
  9. No sale or rental sign, notice or advertisement shall be displayed on any portion of the property. Security signs or signs placed by management to regulate the use of common areas or to identify building or unit numbers are permitted.
  10. Storm doors must be approved by the board, and must be black or brown with no grillwork.
  11. Climbing of balcony railings, trees, fences, walls, or other objects on the property is not allowed.


  1. No waterbeds are permitted on second floors as the structural integrity of the buildings could be jeopardized.
  2. Outside contractors who do work for an owner in his/her unit must not dispose of paint, construction materials, appliances or other items in the dumpsters or the common areas.
  3. No yard, patio, estate, or garage sales of any kind allowed on property at any time.