SpringTree Crosing.

You’re Home at SpringTree Crosing.

Nestled in the heart of North Dallas at 11311 Audelia Rd, SpringTree Crosing is a "True Community" like no other.
Only a short walk from the heart of the city, your home is surrounded by a lush garden-like environment.
From the moment you set foot in your home, you will have peace of mind and a retreat where you can escape from the rigors of the day.

Whether you are looking for the excitement of downtown living, or the luxury of a resort style home, you can call SpringTree Crosing home.

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Rick Bowers, HOA Manager

Branch Association Management
P.O. Box 551593
Dallas, TX 75355-1593



-All vehicles parked on Springtree property must be currently licensed, operable and inspected. Vehicles not in compliance will be tagged and a 5 day warning issued to the owner. Failure to comply will result in the vehicle being towed after the warning period at the owner’s expense. </br> -Vehicles that are licensed, operable and inspected may not be stored or parked in a non-reserved space for more than five consecutive days, or they will be subject to towing and the owner to fines. <br> -One reserved parking space is provided for each unit. Visitor parking is provided as available. Residents must alert their guests to park only in non-reserved spaces or have their vehicles subject to towing at the owner’s expense. Parking in fire lanes is not permitted. No vehicle may occupy or obstruct more than one parking space. A towing company authorized by the HOA will tow illegally parked vehicles at the owner’s expense. No warning notices are required. Contact the management company for your parking space number.<br>

Disposal of Large Items

There are two organizations that will pick up large items: Furniture, appliances, and matress/ box springs. These type items cannot be placed in the Trash Containers, or left beside the containers. Goodwill, nor the Salvation Army will pick up items left at the Trash containers/ However, they will pick them up at your home. Email Goodwill at goodwill.org to find the address and phone number of the local Goodwill. You can also email Salvation Army at satruck.org to find pick up service in the area.

Free Toilet from City of Dallas


Assessment Billing

Springtree Crossing Homeowners: For monthly assessment payments, please follow the rates outlined in the chart below: <br><br> Unit Type Assessment Amount <br> CONDO 1 $216.07 <br> CONDO1A $216.07 <br> CONDO2 $229.04<br> CONDO2A $229.04<br> CONDO2B $229.04<br> CONDO3 $229.40<br> CONDO4 $245.16<br> CONDO4A $245.16<br> CONDO4B $245.16<br> CONDO5 $245.21<br> CONDO6 $245.52<br> CONODO7 $262.86<br> CONDO7A $262.86<br> CONDO8 $264.23<br><br> In the meantime, you can mail your payments to the following address:<br><br> Rick Bowers, HOA Manager<br> Branch Association Management<br> P.O. Box 551593<br> Dallas, TX 75355-1593<br> 214-553-1579<br>

Current Financials Online

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HOA Documentations

Fining Policy

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Declaration And MasterDeed

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Legislative Policies

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